Become a Private Donor

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Florida Prepaid College Foundation Private Donor. Private Donors have purchased 9,209 scholarships since inception and 123 during 2016/2017.

There is no application process for Donors wanting to purchase Florida Prepaid College Foundation Scholarships. First time Donors must send, in writing, to the Foundation certification that they are a state or local government or an organization described in s. 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code. Potential Donors must agree to comply with the terms of the Memorandum of Agreement, Florida Statutes and Rules governing the Florida Prepaid College Board and Foundation and the Policies and Procedures of the Florida Prepaid College Foundation.

Once the Donor organization/individual is approved by the Board to participate in the Florida Prepaid College Foundation Scholarship Program, the Donor may purchase scholarships by sending a letter indicating the number of scholarships, plan type of scholarships, age/grade level of scholarships, and a check for the total cost of the scholarships, plus a $50.00 application fee for each scholarship purchased. Scholarships, purchased through the Florida Prepaid College Foundation, must be paid in advance by providing a lump sum payment to the foundation.

The information and check should be mailed to the Florida Prepaid College Foundation, PO Box 1117, Tallahassee, Florida, 32302. A Memorandum of Agreement will be mailed to the Donor for signature once the scholarships have been purchased.

Scholarships may be purchased from October 15 through August 31 of each year.