Become a Project STARS Donor

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Stanley Tate Project STARS Donor. Since inception the Foundation has partnered with almost 100 different education foundations, school districts, community groups and other non-profit groups dedicated to making the dream of a college education come true for Florida’s youth. 32,546 scholarships have been purchased and this year the Florida Legislature committed an additional $7 million for Project STARS.

First time Donors must send, in writing, to the Foundation certification that they are a state or local government or an organization described in s. 501(c)3 of the IRS Code. Potential Donors must agree to comply with the terms of the Memorandum of Agreement, Florida Statutes and Rules governing the Florida Prepaid College Board and Foundation, and the Policies and Procedures of the Florida Prepaid College Foundation.

Once approved by the Board to participate in the Stanley Tate Project STARS program, the Donor must send a letter of “pledge” requesting matching funds to the Foundation for consideration. Pledge letters are due to the Foundation by February 15th of each year to request matching funds from the appropriation for the Stanley Tate Project STARS Scholarship Program during the following state fiscal year.

Pursuant to the annual appropriation by the Florida Legislature, each Donor will receive up to $100,000 of their pledge, as determined by the Florida Prepaid College Board, and any remaining appropriation amounts will be distributed on a pro-rata basis. Donors will be notified in writing of their match allocation amount in October of each year. A current price list will be provided at that time as well. Donor may not exceed the amount of their allocation.