Private Scholarship Assignment Checklist

To assign students to scholarships, you must provide the following information on the student(s) you are assigning:

  • 1. Name
  • 2. Social Security Number (Required - please verify accuracy)
  • 3. Address and Telephone Number
  • 4. Date of Birth
  • 5. Florida Prepaid College Plan Account Number (See your Contract Detail Report)
  • 6. Address where the students’ ID cards are to be mailed. - If this is not indicated, it will be mailed to the donor foundation’s address.
  • 7. Proof of Florida Residency Documentation - This may consist of one of the following:

  • Florida Driver’s License for the student - issued one year ago
  • Transcript or Report card for the student from the 11th grade
  • Florida driver’s license, for parent or guardian, issued at least one year ago
  • Florida voter’s registration card, for the parent/guardian, issued at least one year ago
  • Parent’s Military Orders - issued one year ago
  • Florida homestead exemption certificate - issued one year ago
  • If the student is not U.S. citizen, the student must be a resident alien or the child of a resident alien-proof must be provided.