Project STARS Scholarship Assignment Checklist

To assign a student to a STARS scholarship, a STARS Donor must provide the following information for each student:

  • 1. Annual Student Information Form
  • 2. Documentation showing DOB: (please provide one of the following)
    • District Transcript
    • Student driver’s license
  • 3. Documentation showing student met economically disadvantaged criteria:
    • District Transcript/screen print showing student qualified for free or reduced lunch.
    • Filed Tax Return listing student as dependent.
    NOTE: Parent AND STARS Donor representative signature will be accepted as documentation if contract/letter expressly states and STARS Donor representative verifies status
  • 4. Student application or evaluation form used to accept student into program. Donor should be able to show multiple at-risk factors for each student. See Policies and Procedures for list of at-risk factors.
  • 5. Student contract/agreement, signed when student was in the 11th grade or younger, showing that student agrees to the following:
    • Remain drug free
    • Remain crime free
    • Complete an annual survey
    • Meet regularly with a mentor
  • 6. Student mentor name and meeting logs. Meeting logs should be maintained in real time as mentoring occurs. STARS Donor Organization bears responsibility for ensuring that mentoring has been properly documented. *Please provide the most recent year of mentor logs.
  • 7. Proof of Florida Residency (please send one of the following):
    • Florida Driver’s License for the student - issued at least one year prior to assignment.
    • Transcript or Report card for the student including the 11th grade.
    • Florida driver’s license, for parent or guardian, issued at least one year prior to assignment.
    • Florida voter’s registration card, for the parent/guardian, issued at least one year prior to assignment.
    • Parent’s Military Orders - issued one year prior to assignment.
    • Florida homestead exemption certificate - issued one year prior to assignment.
    • If the student is not U.S. citizen, the student must be a resident alien or the child of a resident alien-proof must be provided.
  • 8. Cover letter stating whether the ID Card should be mailed to the STARS donor or directly to the student’s address on the Annual Student Information Form. If no indication, the Prepaid Foundation will mail ID Cards to the donor’s address.

*It is mandatory that Donors, at the time of acceptance into the STARS program, review the Annual Student Information Form with designated beneficiaries. At the time of assignment to a scholarship, a beneficiary will be required to submit a completed, signed Annual Student Information form. Beneficiaries will not be assigned to Stanley Tate Project STARS scholarships unless and until said form is received by the Foundation. During the time that the scholarship is in an active status, the Foundation must receive a fully executed Annual Student Information Form from all Stanley Tate Project STARS beneficiaries annually, by the beginning of the fall semester. Failure to comply may result in non-payment of their fall invoice, their scholarship being revoked, or denial of college graduation.