Project STARS Scholarship Program Information

Once approved by the Board to participate in the Stanley Tate Project STARS program, the Donor must send a letter of “pledge” requesting matching funds to the Foundation for consideration. Pledge letters are due to the Foundation by February 15th of each year to request matching funds from the appropriation for the Stanley Tate Project STARS Scholarship Program during the following state fiscal year. 32,546 scholarships have been purchased and this year the Florida Legislature committed an additional $7 million for Project STARS.

Pursuant to the annual appropriation by the Florida Legislature, each Donor will receive up to $100,000 of their pledge, as determined by the Florida Prepaid College Board, and any remaining appropriation amounts will be distributed on a pro-rata basis. Donors will be notified in writing of their match allocation amount in October of each year. A current price list will be provided at that time as well. Donor may not exceed the amount of their allocation.

Donors may purchase scholarships through the Foundation for Stanley Tate Project STARS scholarships by sending a letter to the Foundation indicating the number of scholarships, plan type of scholarships, age/grade level of scholarships, and a check for half of the total cost of the scholarships, plus a $50.00 application fee for each scholarship purchased. STARS matching funds from the Donor should be received at the Foundation office by April 30 of each year. A Purchase Calculator has been developed for assisting donors with this process.

Once all Donors have submitted their purchases for the fiscal year, if any matching funds are remaining, Donors may request in writing additional “excess” funds by June 1. Donor will be notified in writing of their excess allocation by July 1. STARS Excess Funds from the Donor should be received at the Foundation office by August 15 of each year.

STARS Donors do not need to identify the qualified beneficiary at the time the scholarship is purchased, however, the beneficiary must be assigned to the scholarship by May 15 of the anticipated matriculation year so the Prepaid Plan identification cards can be received in a timely manner. Each card is valid for one year.

The benefits of a Stanley Tate Project STARS scholarship may be received for up to a ten-year period after the matriculation date. Any time spent by the qualified beneficiary in the military service tolls the time for receiving contract benefits under all contract plans.

The Stanley Tate Project STARS scholarship is designed to be flexible and allows beneficiaries to attend the postsecondary institutions of their choice regardless of the type of plan, unless otherwise indicated by the Donor at the time the beneficiary is assigned to their scholarship. The Florida Prepaid College Plan may be used at any eligible educational institution as defined in s. 529 of the Internal Revenue Code. Click here for a list of approved colleges.

Stanley Tate Project STARS Policies and Procedures