Student FAQs

Students should note that while the answers to these questions apply to all Foundation scholarship recipients, each Donor (or the owner of the scholarship) may set additional criteria. Students should confirm with the organization that awarded the scholarship to make sure it complies with their procedures.

What happens if I receive an additional scholarship?

If a scholarship recipient earns an additional scholarship, such as a Bright Futures scholarship, the student can still use the full value of the Foundation Scholarship. The Foundation recommends utilizing the Foundation Scholarship first and the additional scholarships second. The Prepaid College Scholarship can only pay specific tuition and registrations fees while most other scholarships may be used for other college expenses such as books, transportation or housing.

How long do I have to use the benefits of the scholarship?

The student has 10 years from the projected college enrollment date to use the Prepaid Plan benefits. The time period can be extended upon a qualified request.
The Foundation Donor, or owner of the account, may set additional criteria including setting a shorter amount of time to use the benefits of the plan. Please review with your Foundation/Organization.

What are my options if I have a private/personal Florida Prepaid College contract?

The account owner of the private contract may request a scholarship refund, transfer the plan to another family member or allow the beneficiary to use the private contract after he/she has depleted the scholarship.

Am I guaranteed admission to college because I have a Prepaid scholarship?

No. Having a scholarship does not guarantee admission to any college or university.

May I elect to go to an out-of-state or private college?

A student may use his/her Florida Prepaid College Plan benefits at any private, out-of-state college or technical school that is an eligible educational institution. Click here to see a list of eligible institutions. The Donor of the scholarship must complete a transfer form if the scholar elects to attend a non-Florida public institution. The Prepaid Foundation will transfer an amount that is equal to the average rates payable to Florida state universities and colleges. Please note: Students may not complete the Transfer Form.

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